Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hickam Heritage Trail - Finale and Presentation

Volunteers completed the final leg of the Hickam Heritage Trail.   They left the Big Barracks and walked towards the traffic circle.

The Douglas RB-26C Invader sits proudly in front of the 15th Wing Headquarters.   The Invader earned the distinction as the only aircraft to serve in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

The traffic circle has several monuments, including the WWII Flyers Memorial ... 

 ... with the P40 Warhawk

Several historic buildings are located around the traffic circle, including the 15th Medical Group.  From eye witness accounts on Hawaii Aviation (at this link),

“We ducked under the operating tables as the bombs fell, dropping our scalpels. There was no time to change hypodermic needles. This was a case of giving relief from pain as fast as possible.”

1Lt. Robert T. Garrett, MD AAF Medical Corps

The Wing Headquarters has a distinctive Arc Deco flare ... 

... and overlooks the Freedom Tower!   The Scouts presented the Hickam Heritage Trail to the base library.  Families seeking to walk/run/bike the trail can request a guide from the library staff.  Upon completion, families can claim a special prize from the library staff!

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