Friday, March 15, 2013

An Eagle Project continues - Hickam Heritage Trail

Volunteers continued with the Eagle Scout Project to create the Hickam Heritage Trail.   From the Missing Man Formation, the scouts marked a trail along Vickers Avenue.

The historic hangers in Art Deco are now home of several squadrons.

The hangers lead to the Big Barracks - home of 3000 airmen on December 7, 1941.

The Japanese bombed the Big Barracks and Hickam Airfield.   The building is now the headquarters for Pacific Air Forces, but it maintained the strafing marks to honor its history.

The Japanese Zeroes aimed for the building interior ...

 ... this metal stair case still has the bullet holes.

The Big Barracks hosts the Courtyard of Heroes to remember those who served in World War II, Korea, and Southeast Asia.
Above is the original flag that flew on the Hickam Flagpole on December 7, 1941.   We still have one more segment of the trail ... stay tuned for more photos!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Eagle Scout project in the making - Hickam Heritage Trail

Several scouts volunteered with a Eagle Scout Project to create the Hickam Heritage Trail. The scouts measured the distance and direction to each site. They also took notes of each site's historical significance and suggested questions for the brochure.

Nellis Chapel

It is named for Army PFC Nellis, Chaplain's Assistant,
who was killed in action on December 7, 1941.

Hickam Elementary School and the Freedom Tower

The school librarian gave the scouts the history of the statue.

Kalani I Ka Lewa
Ascend to the Heavens

Kalani I Ka Lewa by artist Viliami Toluta’u was inspired by the natural instinct in humanity to be free as we are in America. The young Ali’i (chief) is releasing an eagle into the heavens, symbolizing the potential of children to soar high in life with education as their wings. The young Ali’i also pay homage to the spirit of the Freedom Tower with hope that the children emulate the eagle in exploring and scouting their horizons and its limitless possibilities. A grant from the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (Art in Public Places Program) provided the funding for this special work of art.

Freedom Tower

The water tower was renamed the Freedom Tower
in honor of Hickam Field's 50th anniversary

The Wai'anae Range rises over the Ewa Plain.

The Missing Man Formation

Friday, March 1, 2013

Community Service Project - Mural for the Navy Chapel's Nursery

Back in December, several scouts embarked on a community service project for our host organization - they painted a mural in the Navy Chapel's nursery.   Congratulations on a job well done!